Mailing List


Bristol RISC OS Users has a mailing list, provided by Soft Rock Software/RISCOSitory.

The list provides a way for members to discuss matters pertaining to the group, meetings, RISC OS, and any related subjects in the period between meetings, as well as to follow-up discussions that took place at the meetings.

Any RISC OS user - even those with just a passing interest - is welcome to join the list, local or otherwise, and irrespective of whether they are able to attend the group's meetings.

Subscribing to the list

The easiest way to subscribe to the mailing list is to visit the list's Info Page. From there, you can enter your email address and name, along with a password for administering your subscription.

You can also subscribe by sending an email.

Whichever method you choose, you will receive an email containing a link for you to click on to confirm you wish to subscribe - and once you have done so, that's it; you are now on the mailing list!

Receiving and reading list messages

Messages sent to the list from anyone who subscribes are distributed by email to all other subscribers - so you should receive any and all such messages in your normal email client.

Decent software will allow mailing lists to be separated from normal email and filtered into their own mailboxes/folders. The ideal header to filter on is the 'List-ID' header, which looks like this:

List-ID: Bristol RISC OS Users <>

You can also read the list via the List Archive, but that's not the best way to do so.

Sending messages to the list

Posting to the list is a simple matter of sending your message to the list address, which will be included in any emails you receive from the list, as well as the one confirming your subscription.

Provided you are subscribed to the list, and send your message from the same address you used to subscribe, your message will be distributed to all the members to read (and reply to) at their leisure.

However, please note that the list is set up with some restrictions:

  • You should avoid sending messages to both the list and any other addresses at the same time, either using the 'To:' or 'CC:' options in your email client. Should you do that, your message to the list will be held pending approval. If you need to send your message both to the list and to someone else, please either do so as separate emails, or use the 'To:' option in your email client for the mailing list, and the 'BCC:' option for any other recipients.
  • Please do not attach files to your emails when sending them to the mailing list - these will be either stripped and/or blocked.
  • You should keep your message to a sensible size - try to trim any quoting where necessary, for example. There is an upper size limit on messages, above which they are blocked, but it should be find for most cases.

More detailed help

If you need more detailed help with your subscription, you can ask the server for help, ask on the list itself (if posting and receiving isn't your problem), or contact Vince Hudd.